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Buffy and Nell
January 28, 2017
THE GOSSIP GIRLS - So Long Pahdner
By Buffy and Nell
Saturday, January 28, 2017 :: Posted 05:58:18 PM UTC

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© Kenneth Kraus: Arthur Hawkins
Arthur L Hawkins

THERE ARE always horsemen who are so well known and respected that just the mention of a first name in any conversation and everyone knows who you are talking about....

RODNEY... KENNY... RALPH... JIMMY... ARTIE... The adjective great fits each like a glove.

WE ARE heartbroken that last week one of those greats passed away.... When you said ARTIE, everyone knew exactly who you meant.

© NSHHOF: Frank HawkinsARTHUR HAWKINS was born into a family of horsemen...

His father, FRANK HAWKINS (left), was a horseman through and through. For© NSHHOF: Stephen Hawkins many years he ran the busy Shannon Stable in Bedford, New York. His brother, STEVE HAWKINS (right) was a well known horseman,  judge and businessman.

All three HAWKINS men have been inducted into THE NATIONAL SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME.

WHILE living in NEW YORK, he married SISSY DUFFY, whose family owned the famous DUFFY STABLES.

JOHNNY BELL rode their famous grey jumper, McLain Street, and DAVE KELLY also rode for the DUFFY Banner.

 When it came to showing, ARTIE said " I was always kinda nervous when I showed and was more comfortable on the buy, sell and training side of the sport". After a stint in the Air Force & the real world, © Blenheim Equisports: Artie Hawkins at BESthe natural progression was him to start judging. It fit comfortably in his outside business dealings - and he really enjoyed it!  

He judged every major horse show and equitation finals. He was very passionate when it came to judging, he taught the system he used to others and helped many horsemen get their start holding the card.  He had an amazing memory when it came to remembering where certain horses had won and who had ridden them.

ARTIE (receiving the Award of Excellence at the Oaks Blenheim) was also an excellent Steward - almost impossible to rile no matter how© file: Arthur Hawkins crazy the situation.

ARTIE loved sports - especially the New York teams... The Yankees, The Nicks and The Rangers... Anytime he wasn't judging you could find him at The Garden or Yankee Stadium.

ARTIE'S sense of humor served him well throughout his life... He was a great ambassador for the sport!  

He was as comfortable in white tie and tails judging at The Garden as he was sitting on a tack trunk in a dusty stable area, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, swapping stories with a blacksmith or groom.

He sold real estate in the Bedford, New York area and through those dealings became good friends with CARL ICAHN.

ARTIE was an absolutely unassuming man.

JIMMY LEE said of his friend, " It was my distinct honor to judge with ARTIE in California at the last Hunter © NSHHOF: Arthur Hawkins Derby he judged. He was sharp as a tack and we had a great time together".

MANY YEARS ago, ARTIE judged a major indoor horse show. He and his judging partners for the week did not agree from the moment the first horse walked in the ring. To say that ARTIE out-ranked his partners in knowledge and judging skill would be an understatement and the week was tedious and difficult. And the results were not as he wished - in fact he thought they were wrong.

It is said that at the end of the horse show, with tears in his eyes, Artie told a friend how dismayed he was at the judging results.

ARTHUR HAWKINS was a man's man.... A straight shooter....


THE INTERNET has been on fire over the postings of a certain exhibitor... Seems the nimble-fingered, raving reporter  in question is raising hell over the judging at one of the big top circuits... Throwing a blanket over all the judges while complaining about the quality of the judging isn't quite fair - there were 12 of them! The judges in question have judged multiple Derby Finals, Equitation Finals and National © file: internet postChampionships!  

Ringside judging from your golfcart, parked on "expert's alley" ain't quite fair...

Painting them all with a broad brush ain't right either.

DON'T FORGET what happened to that saddlehorse owner and evangelist GENE SCOTT,  who was busy casting aspersions as to the quality of the judging on a certain horse he owned - ON HIS OWN TELEVISION STATION !!  

Seems the FEDS looked up that old Rule 7021.e  which is all about bitching about the judging and handed down a sizeable suspension !!

Lucky for him he wasn't sentenced to the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole !!!

YA can't ever forget that judging is a personal opinion... Showin' at the top flight circuits ain't the same as poking around the little shows in yer backyard.

WE HEAR that several of the 12 judges at that horse show are more than a little unhappy about all this. © file: National Show Hunter Hall of Fame logoSometimes, it's just better to hold those conversations at the dinner table - not on the internet.

THE NATIONAL SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME has counted all the nominations ....

In order to vote for the future HALL OF FAME, you must be a member. Contact JIMMY LEE, KATHY GILBERTSON or go on line to find out more information.

The Induction Ceremony and Dinner will be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. It is a beautiful evening at The Merion Cricket Club, which is close to the Devon Horse Show. It is the best evening of the year !! © Kenneth Kraus: Bucky Reynolds

HORSEMEN - Vote for Three.

J. ARTHUR " BUCKY" REYNOLDS - A lifelong Virginia horseman, and from the famous Reynolds family, BUCKY has shown, trained, judged and campaigned many hunters and jumpers for decades with huge success and great style. He developed HALL OF FAME HORSES GOZZI & STOCKING STUFFER. He currently trains his sister Betty Oare. He has also inspected yearlings for the  Fasig Tipton Yearling Sales Company.

© Kenneth Kraus: Bill EllisBILL ELLIS - Based in Florida, this horseman has trained some of the very best Hunters, Juniors and Pony Riders. He began his career with HALL OF FAME MEMBER BOB FREELS.  He has shown Quarter Horses in the hunter divisions at western shows with great success. He has judged Hunters at the major horse shows.  He also is known to step in and help his fellow horseman whenever needed. His great sense of humor make him popular on the horse show scene.© Gail Morey: Lu Thomas

LU THOMAS - This California based Professional  has been a top hunter rider in all the Hunter divisions at the west coast shows. Her great touch with the hunters has brought her wins with Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds  alike.  She is a  © Kenneth Kraus: Rick Fancherconsistent winner in West Coast Hunter Derbies.   

RICK FANCHER - Originally from Connecticut, and now based in Kentucky, he is well known for the many Amateur riders he has trained over the years including NINA BONNIE and DAWN FOLEY. He also produced and showed the hunter Ozscar. His patience with young horses is well known. RICK also judges at the major shows.© equestrian coach: Terry Rudd and Spindletop-Show-Down-Oxridge

TERRY RUDD - Originally from Pennsylvania. With her trademark braids flying, Terry (right, on Spindletop Showdown) started out as a  winner on her famous pony hunter, Hot Shot Kid, and never looked back. A great stylist and catch rider, she rode the best hunters of her era including Showdown and her own Brenton Reef. She rode to countless State and National High Score Awards. She was the stable rider for HALL OF FAME MEMBER  JUNIE KULP'S ALL AROUND FARM .

HORSES - Vote for Two.

LANCELOT - A Virginia-based hunter who showed in the Green Conformation Division and later in the Junior Hunter Division. He won the Virginia Horse Show Association High Score Award in the Junior Hunter Division in 1974 - 1976, ridden by SCOTT KELLER.© file: Lemon Springs and Sandra Caldwell

LEMON SPRINGS - Ridden by SANDRA CALDWELL BROWN (right), this popular palomino was a perennial winner in the Amateur Owner Division at all the major horse shows, including Devon, Upperville and Indoors, as well as High Score Award winner in Pennsylvania.

OLD DOMINION - A conformation horse who turned heads when he was champion at The National Horse Show as a four year old. Owned MR. and MRS.  EUGENE CUNNINGHAM, he was trained and ridden by HALL OF FAME MEMBER GENE CUNNINGHAM. OLD © Randi Muster: StraplessDOMINION was the picture of consistency and was champion at every major horse show and was multiple National High Score Award winner. He was later purchased by Winter Place Farm where he continued his winning way.

STRAPLESS - A lovely bay mare who swept her way through the Hunter Divisions. Strapless (left) was Champion at all the major horse shows and won countless Circuit and High Score Awards. She was the one to watch and set her own high standard for consistency as both the under saddle and over fences winner.

HORSE SHOWS - Vote for One.


DERBY OF THE YEAR - Vote for One


WE HEAR that due to the difficulty getting dates from The FEDS for new venues.... TOM STRUZZERI is considering starting a series of Hunter, Jumper and Paso Fino Horse Shows in Havana, Cuba...... Finos in© file: Cuba the Sun??

Until there is a bridge from the mainland to Cuba, D. J. JOHNSON HORSE TRANSPORTATION  will shipping the competitors' horses on barges.

JIMMY TORANO  will be available to translate for non Spanish speaking exhibitors.   Details as they become available.

WE HEAR THE PALM BEACH MASTERS, produced by Florida's most © The Book LLC: Charlie Jacobs, Katie Jacobs-Robinson and Louis Jacobspopular management company, is going to be better than ever - if that is possible !!!

MASON PHELPS will be on hand so you can imagine the fun ... THE JACOBS FAMILY is once again opening their beautiful DEERIDGE FARM to have the very finest and stylish show jumping competition in Wellington - if not anywhere in the country.. (Charlie Jacobs, Katie Jacobs-Robinson and Louis Jacobs, left)

This is one you shouldn't miss - it promises to be great !!  

WE HEAR that CAPPY DRYDEN  and her husband are downsizing and selling their beautiful, 20 acre farm in Wellington... If you are looking for a top facility check this one out !!

GOOD to see that all the circuits across the country seem to be full... Even the snow flake circuits up north are well filled.

Stay safe and enjoy the competition !!



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