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Buffy and Nell
January 12, 2017
The Gossip Girls - Happy Birthday, Happy Vacation
By Buffy and Nell
Thursday, January 12, 2017 :: Posted 12:42:26 PM UTC

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FEW people ever thought that PHELPS SPORTS, the brainchild of MASON PHELPS and KENNETH © Tony Parkes: Mason Phelps, Jr. President of the National Horse Show Association  .jpgKRAUS, would turn into the International Equestrian sports page that it is !  

But then MASON has always been quite the trend setter in the "they said it couldn't be done" area of horse sports. From his Newport Jumping Derby, to reclaiming The National Horse Show, to his many charity events, MASON has done it when the © Deb Jamroz: Kenny and Rothchildnaysayers said that will never work. MASON made Fund raising into Fan raising!!

KENNY KRAUS (sharing donuts with Rothchild (left), who came from a newspaper family, brought the new look to horse show announcing. His life as a rider, front man for a rock band and writing for many early horse magazines has served him well. KENNY treats both sides of any subject very fairly. He is one of the best interviewers.

PHELPS SPORTS is the go to place for International results, great interviews and equestrian news.

These two guys dragged equestrian news into the twenty first century!!

IMAGINE how surprised WE were to get an engraved invite to the upcoming festivities in Washington... Not only that, but WE have been asked to act as hostesses and assist with seating © file: crowd-gets-crazyarrangements - Since we know just about everyone who is anyone... Time to get shoppin' for some new frocks !!

Should be quite the day, even the stoners are getting into the act and will be handing out free joints out on the street to promote changing federal laws to legalize marijuana use. Can't wait to see the bikers !

The times they are a changin'....

AS MOST of you know, RAY FRANCIS has had some health issues recently... Getting out and about has © Troy Hendricksbeen difficult and RAY'S travel on the farm has been severely limited... RAY'S longtime friend TROY HENDRICKS (left) & his wife ANNETTE, as well as some pals saw the need and stepped up to help out a good friend.

During the holidays, TROY and ANNETTE visited RAY and CHERYL at the farm in © Jessica Nemzoff: Lucy Nyland-Elliott led by Ray Francis Leadline winner 4 and 5 year-oldMaryland, and surprised RAY with a golf cart ! And it really was a great surprise!! After tears all around, RAY took his new wheels on a tour of the farm.

Freedom restored ! Speed bumps in the future !!

THREE CHEERS  for this group of angels !

RAY'S wonderful little Jack Russell passed away recently and RAY and CHERYL are on the hunt for a new furry sidekick for RAY... If you have © Kenneth Kraus/ Don Stewart 5-26-12any ideas give CHERYL a call !

WE HEAR that DON STEWART (left) and his pals have made a dream come true for Californian BOBBY DRENNAN... After several years of health worries and desperately missing his time around horse shows, DON sent BOBBY a horse !!

Everyone has heard the old quotation, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"... This is so true! © Gail Morey:  Bobby Drennan

EVERYONE at the shows misses BOBBY (right) so much... He was the presenter, organizer and ring master at the very nicest horse shows - all of which was done with style and class. Miss ya BOBBY !!
Thank you, DON !!

© file: ambulanceBLACK AND BLUE REPORT......

WE HEAR that KAREN HEALY was recently in a California hospital dealing with surgery for a health issue...

AFTER  a good old thumping kind of a fall last year at The Devon Horse Show, JENNIFER ALFANO is gettin' around pretty well - one surgery to repair her knee and shortly thereafter a second surgery to repair a shoulder issue that had been bothering her for quite a while. It shouldn't be too long before she is back in the saddle again !!!© file: Hank Hulick

MARION HULICK had a terrible fall while Christmas shopping and suffered a very badly broken leg. After a long and serious surgery for repair she is now in a rehab center and it will be a difficult, painful recovery. HANK (right) is holding down the fort at home and taking care of the herd of prize winning French Bulldogs that MARION raises....

MASON PHELPS hasn't passed the jog for a while and has had surgery recently. Corrective bar shoes may be in his future...

KENNY KRAUS hasn't been feeling the best recently, dealing © Kenneth Kraus/ Pam Baker 10-7-07with a number of serious health issues - but he is still getting out the news!! Feel better KK!!

RODNEY BROSS is recovering from major back surgery....

PAM CANTWELL BAKER (left) doesn't let the grass grow under her feet - she was up and at 'em in no time after knee surgery & quickly became a fav at the hospital and rehab !

ONE OF THE NICEST men in the horse business passed away recently. WILLIAM E. HOWARD, III was a great guy who lived his life to the fullest, enjoyed his horses, employed great horsemanship to the horses be cared for. He dressed beautifully both on and off a © file: swarm of flieshorse. Condolences to his many close friends

WE HEAR the fly situation at one of the winter circuits is awful... Even stables with timed fly spray equipment are complaining !!

Small dogs and children are in danger and should be watched carefully!

© wire: Nick Skelton receives Officer of the British Empire (OBE) from The Queen at Buckingham PalaceCONGRATULATIONS to NICK SKELTON!!!  He has been elevated from Officer to Commander of the British Empire (CBE) !  The 59 year old won a Gold Medal competing in his seventh Olympic Games at Rio. Many folks were upset that NICK wasn't knighted, but this is still a wonderful honour!!!

WE HEAR that STEVE PRICE, author, foxhunter, and banjo player is totally immersed in writing his next book... We can't share its content but will keep you up to date on the progress...

WE HEAR that one of the country's most successful trainers and his rider will be on an extensive, forced vacation from the© file: vacation-rubber-stamp-29621968 horse shows in the near future... His extensive four letter word vocabulary, creative medication practices, and unctuous behavior with the drug testers, and in gate personel and various officials have led to this...

GADZOOKS !!!   Our phones have been ringing off the hook about this one !

© Buzz: Soap BoxWE believe the problem of creative medication is certainly not new. As a matter of fact, the most uninitiated pony parents could look at many of the horses in the ring and make suggestions to the testers.

WE truly believe that the judges need to step up at take a long strong look at the horses they are judging and rewarding in the ring....

THE HORSE who cannot stand in line for the under saddle without his head being literally between his knees, while his rider kicks him and jerks on his mouth to get him to stand properly should not be the winner...

THE HORSE who gets spurred each and every step of his trot in © file: medicationsthe under saddle class should not be the winner.

THE HORSE which lands in a heap and barely gets down the normal distance lines should not be the winner.

THE HORSES which walk the Derby Course, carefully covered up on a ninety degree day with long sheets and coolers, with their sheaths hanging out at half mast are a joke.

THE VERY WORST part of this entire problem is that there are some hot shots who "creatively medicate" their horses AND also serve on Committees at the two rule making groups for the sport in the country.

WE HEAR that a certain Professional sold an expensive hunter to one of the very fanciest, most famous show stables in the country... But, it seems that when the horse got to its new home, it had incurred a MAJOR personality change... The buyers made a call requesting to return the horse... The Pro took the horse back to show himself, but didn't seem to want to pony up a refund...
WE will have to see how this one shakes out - stay tuned, folks !!

© file: Penn State Proud-ForeverWE are happy to hear that LLOYD LONGNECKER has made a complete recovery after his Penn State football team suffered a loss in the Rose Bowl.

CINDY HADFIELD has certainly rewritten the books when it comes to equestrian equipage. She is always on top of the latest trends, is on site at the major competitions, personally measures for custom boots & clothes and even sews on a button or two when needed ! Her huge trailer is © Kenneth Kraus: HADFIELD'S TRAILERalways beautifully decorated and this lady is truly a trend setter.

Not only that, she is one of the best holiday hostesses around !!

OH DEAR... WE HEAR that an announcer who works at many major shows is not only giving out numbers and results in the ring... He also spends the day handing out a running political © file: Old Time Microphonecommentary - much to the chagrin of those who have to share space with him all day! This announcer may not realize that the more you press your own issue - the more the other side will dig their toes in...

IT WAS FUN to see TRUDY GLEFKE at a recent horse show... No one ever did the horse show thing any better. Beautiful, winning horses and ponies turned out the very best... She produced countless Circuit and National Champions. Even more important is that the riders she helped were so well-mannered. After some health issues, TRUDY is back in the schooling area on crutches - but WE know that won't slow her down - Good to see you back, TRUDY !

IS IT TRUE that former show rider and Olympian is cutting back on his public racing stable... And, he and his wife may be buying a sizeable piece of Florida property to build new house and stable???

EACH YEAR a group of "old timers" puts together an amazing reunion in Florida... Lots of pictures, stories, and history - as well as enough food and booze to make it fun... If ya get the invite, make sure you go to this one...

WE HEAR that BIBBY FARMER will spend the winter helping her daughter KELLY FARMER and LARRY GLEFKE at the winter horseshows... Hmmmm.  After so many decades with DON STEWART, this must have been a difficult move for everyone.

PART of the ugliness following the recent election is directly due to horse showin' © file: Everyone gets a trophy

USED TO BE that in the lead line, each child was judged and ribbons were handed out accordingly... But, at some point, horse show managers and pony moms decided that it was just too stressful to that big bow wearing little SusieQ to not get a blue ribbon - no matter how poorly she rode.  Well, those lead liners grew up and look at the mess were in !!

LET'S FACE it folks. There is always a winner & a loser in life and at the horse shows. Giving everyone a blue ribbon isn't the answer.

WE should all realize - like it or not - one person won the race. WE'RE all in this boat together no matter who the captain is. Cursing the stupidity of your former friends who voted for the winner is just wrong - guess ya' just weren't friends in the first place.

KEEP your heels down... WE will be watching !

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