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Eduardo Tame
June 6, 2016
Langley CSIO Canada
Monday, June 6, 2016 :: Posted 12:57:27 PM EDT

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© : Team Mexico
Team Mexico

Norman Dello Joio took over the Mexican Team at the beginning of the year, and Mexico finished as the North and South America League Leader, with two first places and one second, ahead of the US and Canada. The League finished at the CSIO of Canada in Langley, BC.

© : Alberto Michan and Gigolo van de Broekkant did not need to come back for the second round.
Alberto Michan and Gigolo van de Broekkant did not need to come back for the second round.

The Mexican Team was dominating since the first round with no faults, followed by Ireland with eight, the US with 9 and Canada with 14, but in the second round the first three riders from the host nation went clean so the Team Captain, Eric Lamaze, did not need to return, and finished in second after the neighbors at the south, for two points. Mexican anchor rider two times Olympian Alberto Michan did not need to come back in the second round either.

© : Ben Asselin CAN
Ben Asselin CAN

At first things did not look good for the Mexican Team when the first rider of Canada, US and Ireland went clean, and the first Mexican rider, Juan José Zendejas, leave three in the floor. But rails began to fall, except for two riders of the US (Jonathan McCrea and Rich Fellers), two Irish (Daniel Coyle and Conor Swail) and one Canadian (Tiffany foster) as well as the remaining three Mexican athletes: Patricio and Francisco Pasquel and Alberto Michan.

© : The Pasquel brothers, Patricio and Francisco
The Pasquel brothers, Patricio and Francisco

Canada though was in bad position when Amy Millar with Heros and Eric Lamaze with Coco Bongo produced refusals in the combinations, despite Foster’ clear round with Victor and a perfect round except for a foot in the water for Ben Asselin. But in the second round the first three Canadian riders went clean, so Eric did not jump the second round.

© : Rich Fellers USA
Rich Fellers USA

The US Team had nine faults in the first round, both Karl Cook and Tembla and Guadalajara Pan-American champion Christine Mc. Crea finished with 9, plus the two clear rounds for McCrea husband and Rich Fellers and Flexible. In the second round Karl’s 14 point round was discarded, and one rail each for John McCrea and Richard Fellers make the Team finished with 17 faults and in the last place for the day, but with a ticket for the Final for Barcelona in the bank.

© : Conor Swail IRL
Conor Swail IRL

Ireland, not counting in this League, added eight faults from Jennifer Crooks discarding the 12 for James Chawke in the second round, finishing with 16 and third place. The only two double clears were produced by the Irish: Daniel Coyle with Tennyson and Conor Swail with Grafton.

© : Patricio Pasquel- Babel MEX
Patricio Pasquel- Babel MEX

 Mexican rider Zendejas was foot perfect in the second round with Tino la Chapelle, and the Pasquel brothers had four and eight faults. Patricio rode Babel, a horse raised by him (Mexican Champion in Young Horses at 5, 6 and 7 years old, now at 8) left the vertical after de water jump in the floor, while

© : Francisco Pasquel MEX with Naranjo
Francisco Pasquel MEX with Naranjo

Francisco who rode a Selle Francais Naranjo with which he has won three Grand Prix in this year had a foot in the water and two from last oxer down, when the rider looked at the electronic board and lost concentration. With this twelve points it was not required Michan, who rode Gigolo van de Broekkant, return in the second round having won not only the Canda Nation’s Cup, but also being leaders in the Mexican and South America League. Now US and Mexico teams will be the sole representatives at the Final in Barcelona for North America next September.

© : Alberto Michan and Juan José Zendejas from Mexico
Alberto Michan and Juan José Zendejas from Mexico


1. Mexico 12 faults: Tino la Chapelle (Juan Jose Zendejas) 12/0, Babel (Patricio Pasquel) 0/4, Naranjo (Francisco Pasquel) 0/8 , Gigolo van de Broekkant (Alberto Michan) 0/DNS.
2. Canada 14 faults: Victor (Tiffany Foster) 0/0, Veyron (Ben Asselin) 4/0, Heros (Amy Millar) 13/0, Coco Bongo (Eric Lamaze) 10/DNS.
3. Ireland 16 faults: Tennyson (Daniel Coyle) 0/0, Eros H (James Chawke) 8/12, SF Uryadi (Jennifer Crooks) 9/8, Grafton (Conor Swail) 0/0.
4. USA 17 faults: Special Lux (Jonathan McCrea) 0/4, Tembla (Karl Cook) 9/4, Nektarina B (Christine McCrea) 9/0, Flexible (Rich Fellers) 0/4.

North and South American League finish standings.
1. México - 290
2. EEUU - 255
3. Canadá - 230
4. El Salvador - 45

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