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Eduardo Tame
May 7, 2016
The CSIO Mexico 2016
By Eduardo Tame
Saturday, May 7, 2016 :: Posted 09:46:05 AM EDT

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© : The Podium
Mexican Team: Zendejas, Chedraui, Dello Joio, Fernandez and Pizarro 

The CSIO México 2016 was held in Coapexpan, at the place of Olympic rider Antonio Chedraui.  This is the third time this competition takes place in Xalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz.

Only three teams took part in the Nation’s Cup, United States, Canada and Mexico.  For the first time in 26 years Mexico won a Nation Cup.  The last time was in 1990 in Bratislava.  Commanded by Chef D’Equippe Norman Dello Joio, who also took charge in Ocala some weeks ago where Mexico finished in second behind the US, the Team comprised by Olympic riders Antonio Chedraui, Federico Fernández and Nicolás Pizarro together with newcomer Juan José Zendejas. The Team not just won the Nation’s Cup, but against all odds, put Mexico at the top of the League with 10 points advantage over the US Team.  The third and last competition in the North and Central American League will take place in Langley, Canada, the first week of June.

© : Antonio Chedraui
Antonio Chedraui and La Bamba

 Two on Team Mexico went double clear: Antonio Chedraui who rode La Bamba (named after the world famous song originated in Veracruz: “Para bailar la bamba, para bailar la bamba, se necesita un poquito de gracia y otro poquito…”) and Nicolás Pizarro with a nine year old mare: Temascaltepec.  One rider from each of the other two teams also went clear: from the US Richard Spooner who rode Big Red (a horse owned by the Pasquel brothers) and Eric Lamaze from Canada with Coco Bongo.

© : Richard Spooner and BIg Red, double clear
Richard Spooner and Big Red, double clear

After the first round Mexico and Canada were tied in first place with four faults, and the US with eight.  First US rider was Jonathan McCrea with Aristoteles V, who left one in the ground, same as in the first round.  Ali Wolf with the stallion Quirie had a clear round, they had four in the first round  And Christine McCrea with Dynamo left all the fences up, but had a foot in the open water.

For Canada the first three riders finished with one knock down each in the second round: Tiffany Foster also incurred one time fault with Southwind VDL, Yann Candele rode Showgirl and faulted in the last element of the triple combination and Elizateh Gingras with Floreen SFN faulted in a vertical prior to the triple combination.

Mexican riders Federico Fernández and Juan José Zendejas who rode Tino La Chapelle finished with four each, one rail down for Zendejas and a foot on the water for Guru, Fernandez’ horse.

© : Juanjo Zendejas and Tino La Chapelle
Juanjo Zendejas and Tino La Chapelle

So with the last rider on each team things became serious.  The starting order in the second round was according to faults and time in the first, so Chedraui from Team Mexico was the last rider.  Richard Spooner and Eric Lamaze went clean, so when Chedraui enter the familiar arena knew that if he had any fault, a triple jump off would be necessary.  But Chedraui and La Bamba left all in place with a little grace (un poquito de gracia), despite a rub in the second element of the triple (home luck) finishing with eight faults against 12 for the US and Canada who finished tied in second.

© : Keean White CAN winner GP 1.50m Saturday
Keean White CAN winner GP 1.50m Saturday

Many other riders were competing as well from Canada, one of 10 countries represented in this tournament.  On Saturday the 1.50m Grand Prix was clinch by the riders of the maple leaf: Keean White won the class followed by Ben Asselin and Vanessa Mannix, who also lead the first day.  None of these riders were part of the Candian Team on Friday.

© : Ben Asselin winner Grand Prix 1.60m of Veracruz
Ben Asselin winner Grand Prix 1.60m of Veracruz 

Then on Sunday the Grand Prix of Veracruz was won also won by a Canadian, Ben Asselin who rode Veyron and was the only double clear of the 42 riders from eight countries that participated on the last day.  Eleven were granted to the second round designed by Brazilian Guilherme Jorge who will be also the designer at Rio this summer, 25% of the original 42, seven clear rounds, one with on point and 3, the best time of the four faulters.  Gustavo Ramos, former Olympic rider from Athens, rode Izzi Maki and finished with one time fault in the first round, managed to go clear in the second finishing in second place.  In the other hand former Olympic Champion Eric Lamaze and Coco Bongo were clear in the first round but incurred a time fault in the second, so they were placed third.  The fastest four faults in the second round was Tiffany Foster, also from Canada, being clear in the first time, placed in fourth place with Southwind VDL.  Brazilian rider Rodrigo Lambre and Chapilot was clear in the first round and knocked the very last fence, a vertical, in the second; he had the time, two seconds less than Asselin, but with four faults finished in fifth.

© : Gustavo Ramos, second place Grand Prix of Veracruz
Gustavo Ramos, second place Grand Prix of Veracruz

Also with a cumulative four points were Mexican riders Alfredo Ramírez from Mexico City, and Manuel Fernandez D from Xalapa; finishing in sixth and seventh.

With a cumulative eight points Canadian Yann Candele and US rider Richard Spooner as well as Alberto Michan followed.  The eleventh place with four faults in the first round and eight in the second was for US rider Jonathan McCrea.

With one rail down in the first round but unable to participate in the second, finished Canadians Keean White and Elizabeth Gingrass, US Andrew Kocher, Diego Vivero from Ecuador and Mexican Federico Fernández.

With a colorful mariachi the event came to an end, looking forward the three Teams from North America to meet in Langley exactly one month from today.  In the North and Central America League Mexico is leading followed by the US, Canada and El Salvador.  Only two teams will be allowed to go to the Final in Barcelona, it all depends in the results in Thunderbird.

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