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Eduardo Tame
April 19, 2016
LGCT Mexico
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 :: Posted 09:18:42 PM EDT

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© : Pista
For the first time in the history of the Global Champion’s Tour it was held in Mexico City, just after Miami. The site is the spectacular Campo Marte, situated in Chapultepec (equivalent to the Central Park in NY) in front of five star hotels and in the middle of the city. Riders could walk, just crossing Reforma Avenue, from the Intercontinental or the Marriot or the W Hotel, to Campo Marte. Two minutes top! This site was used for Equestrian Competitions both at the 1968 Olympics and the 1975 Pan American Games, and since then no mayor international competition has been held until now, with the exception of the Polo World Championship a couple of years ago.

© : Kent Farrington
Kent Farrington

Six of the best 10 riders in the World Ranking were present, 20 of the best 30 including US riders Kent Farrington and Jack Towel. On Thursday night, once the CSI2* that run simultaneously had begun, the riders were treated to a Gala Dinner at the Chapultepec Castle, the only Royal Castle in America.

© : Castillo de Chapultepec

It was constructed in 1841 when it was the Nueva España, before the independence of what is now known as Mexico. In that time the country was ruled by Virreyes, like a local king named by the King of Spain. It is situated in the top of a mountain at 7628 feet, and from there you can see the main street in Mexico City, Reforma, which was designed by the Empress Carlota, who wanted to catch her husband, Emperor Maximiliano when he leaves the National Palace all the way to the Castillo de Chapultepec, that while the French were in power.

© : Uliano Vezzani
Uliano Vezzani

The courses were designed by Italian Uliano Vezzani, with Brazilian Anderson Lima and Mexican Benjamín Fernández helping him. All four days the stands were packed, mainly on Saturday for the Grand Prix, with the monumental flag standing at 328 feet in a pole, measuring 164X92 feet the flag was impressive as well. I remember when President Clinton visited Mexico City and was received with honors here at Campo Marte, he stared at the flag for 15 minutes, other world leaders, like Pope Francis just a couple of months ago, has been surprised as well, as Campo Marte is the Official Site for receiving World Leaders when visiting Mexico.

© : Pius Schwizer SUI
Pius Schwizer SUI

Swiss rider Pius Schwizer said it “resembled a bit as Aachen” as the stands (considerable lower than Aachen of course) were packed and hundreds of aficionados were standing between the stands and the play field, with umbrellas protecting from the sun, just as in Aachen.

Edwina Tops-Alexander, winner in the GP in Miami, was present trying to win again. German rider Christian Ahlman who was third in Miami managed to finish fourth in Mexico City, so now he is the Leader of the LGCT 2016. Next stop will be Ambers, in Belgium.

© : Edwina Tops-Alexander
Edwina Tops-Alexander

From the beach in Miami to 7,350 feet high, horses and riders had the challenge of competing in a complete different seting.

Six riders out of 42 starters from 16 nations managed to go clean in the Uliano Vezzini first round course, four went double clear and had to settle in the jump off against the clock. Veteran rider Roger Yves Bost rode his horse Quod’Couer de la Loge to win the GP, with the father of his horse, Ideal de la Loge, he won previously two GCT Grand Prix, including the Final in Doha. So winning now with the son of his former horse was a treat for him.

© : Longines Bandara

For the second round only the best eighteen riders were allowed to begin. Between them Mexican rider Antonio Chedraui who rode his new horse Ninloubet (Ninteder x Galoubet) to a clear round, but with one time point as he exceeded for 0.7 seconds the time allowed. Great weekend for Chedraui who will host the two following weeks a CSI4* and a CSIO4* at his hometown in Xalapa.

© : Antonio Chedraui
Antonio Chedraui

The six clear first rounders were Jos Verlooy from Belgium with his spectacular grey stallion Caracas. Five riders later US rider Kent Farrington riding Gazelle and German rider Christian Ahlman with his stallion Epeaser van9t Heike followed suit, as well as Swiss Romain Duguet and the Selle Francais mare Quorida de Trego and Bost. Finally Irish young rider Bertram Allen with the Belgian stallion Hector van d’Adijoeve. Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat who had one rail down with Bianca, was clear in the second and finished in fifth place.

© : Christian Ahlman
Christian Ahlman

From these six first round clears, only four managed to leave all in place in the second round and came back for the third round, the jump off against the clock. Ahlmann had a rail down in the last round finishing in 39.72 seconds, Bost knowing that young guns were coming after him, went clear and fast finishing in 37.23 seconds.

© : Bertram Allen and Jos Verlooy
Bertram Allen and Jos Verlooy

Verlooy, who never have stand before in a pódium at the GP in the GCT, decided to be cautious and finished in 41.63, not so Allen who went very fast but sent a pole to the grass, one from home.

On Sunday at the 1.50m class Scott Brash won his second class in the weekend with Hello Governor.

The results of both CSI2* and the LGCT Mexico City are:

CSI2* Thursday 1.35m 1 John Perez (COL) - Chianti Classico, 2 Alejandro Mills (MEX) - Carlos, 3 Rodrigo Lambré (BRA) - Contecord.

1.45m 1. Fernando Martínez (MEX) - Cor Bakker, 2 Alejandro Mills (MEX) - Bartender, 3. Martín Alejandro Jimenez V (MEX) - Trebon de la Nutria.

Friday 1.35m 1. John Perez (COL) - Chianti Classico, 2. Alejandro Mills (MEX) - Carlos, 3. Jacobo Saaib (Mex) - Chabal.

1.45m 1. Manuel Álvarez (MEX) - Manolito Fortuna, 2. Juan Pablo Jimenez - Relic LS, 3. Eduardo Sánchez Navarro - Pacífico.

Saturday 1.35m 1. Francisco Lomelín (MEX) - Forcado de Brumie, 2. Rodrigo Lambré (BRA) - Contecord, 3. Jacobo Saaib (MEX) - Chabal.

Sunday 1.45m. 1. JP Gaspar (MEX) - Puertas So What, 2. Eduardo Sánchez Navarro (MEX) - Pacífico, 3. Alberto Aldana (MEX) - Darrry Lou.

Full results of the  CSI2*

LGCT Mexico City.  Results:


1.45m 1. David Will (GER) - Monodie H. 2. Connor Swail (IRL) - Cenzo, 3. Laura Ranwick (GBR) - MHS Washington

1.50m 1. Scott Brash (GBR) - Hello Forever, 2. Kevin Staut (FRA) - Eiky van het Indhof HDC, 3. Antonio Chedraui (MEX) - La Bamba.


1.50m Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) - Zilverstar T, 2. Christian Ahlmann (GER) - Caribis Z, 3. Emanuel Andrade (VEN) - Nolia de Brekka.


 1.50m 1. Scott Brash (GBR) -Hello Forever, 2. Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS) - Lintea Tequila, 3. Sergio Álvarez Moya - G&C Quitador Rochelais.

Mexico City Grand Prix

1.   Roger Yves Bost (FRA) - Qoud’Couer de la Loge, 2. Jos VErlooy (BEL) - Caracas, 3. Bertram Allen (IRL) - Hector van d’Abdijhoeve, 4. Christian Ahlmann (GER) - Epleaser van’t Heike, 5. Steve Guerdat (SUI) - Bianca, 6. John Whitaker (GBR) - Argento, 7. Romain Duguet (SUI) - Querida de Treho, 8. Rolf Göran Bengtsson (SWE) - Unita Ask, 9 Pilar L. Cordon (ESP) - Gribouille du Lys, 10. Kent Farrington (USA) - Gazelle.

Fulll results:



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