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Eduardo Tame
January 4, 2016
Mexican National Championship 2015
By Eduardo Tame
Monday, January 4, 2016 :: Posted 03:35:32 PM EST

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© : Balvanera

The Mexican National Championship 2015 took place in Balvanera, in the state of Querétaro in México. With 900 horses in the first week and 1200 in the second week of December hundreds of riders from all over Mexico competed in three days for each category to get the Championship in each section. In the first week the main arena (there were five arenas simultaneously) was designed by Anderson Lima, and in the second Guillherme Jorge.

© : Rodrigo Lambre, Grand Prix Mexico National Champion 2015Rodrigo Lambre, Grand Prix Mexico National Champion 2015

The Grand Prix championship was held on the second week, being Rodrigo Lambré the new 2015 Champion, and Federico Fernández reserve. Antonio Chedraui got the reserve at the Clásico, and third in Grand Prix. Alberto Sánchez Corsar, from Monterrey, was the Clásico National Champion, he also won the Clásico in the first week, but was not part of the National Championship. 

© : Patricio Pasquel winner Grand Prix first weekPatricio Pasquel, Grand Prix winner, first week.

 The Grand Prix at the first week not being part of the National Championship, was won by Patricio Pasquel. Young Horses is a very popular category, and in 7 years the winner was Chabacón, ridden by Andrés Torres from San Luis Potosí. Six years horses has a new champion in Africana La Silla, ridden by Dutch rider Charlotte von Bremen, from Monterrey and in five years old horses Cosa Nostra, ridden by Daniel Michán, was reserve.

© : High Amateur Champion Sandy Franco, Reserve Francisco PasquelHigh Amateur Champion Sandy Franco, Reserve Champion Francisco Pasquel

In the second week besides Clásico and Grand Prix the rest of the categories was for Juniors, Children and Amateurs. In the High Amateur Sandy Franco, from Querétaro, is the new Champion with Quin Chin, the horse that his brother Juan Carlos rode in the WEG in Normandy. Francisco Pasquel was reserve riding Charielle. In the low amateur was Constanza Guerra from Guadalajara the winner. She is Mauricio Guerra’ daughter, and will get marry in April. For now she was the happier rider in the Amateur division. 

© : Yago Álvarez del Castillo, Junior Champion and ReserveYago Álvarez del Castillo, Junior Champion and Reserve.

 Also from Guadalajara Yago Álvarez del Castillo was Champion and Reserve in Junior.

© : Luis Razo with his son MauricioLuis Razo with his son Mauricio.

Luis Razo, a Pan-American medalist and Olympic rider, competed for the last time as he turned 75 years old. Luis is a former President from the Mexican Equestrian Federation and decided to put end to a very successful riding career. This is the complete list for the Mexican National Championships: Grand Prix Champion Rodrigo Lambré (Mexico City) Reserve Federico Fernández (Mexico City) Clásico 1.40m Champion Alberto Sánchez Corsar (Monterrey, Nuevo León), Reserve Antonio Chedraui (Veracruz).

© : Daniel Michan and Cosa Nostra, Five Years old horses Reserve ChampionDaniel Michan and Cosa Nostra, Five-Year-Old horses Reserve Champion.

Daniel Michan and Cosa Nostra, Five Years old horses Reserve Young Horses Five Year old. Champion Africana La Silla ridden by Charlotte von Bremen (Monterrey) Reserve Cosa Nostra ridden by Daniel Michan (Mexico City) Young Horses Six Year old Champion Lunatic La Silla ridden by Charlotte von Bremen (Monterrey), Reserve Carquilot ridden by Nicolás Pizarro (Mexico City).

© : Andrés Torres and Chabacano, 7 Year-old horses ChampionAndrés Torres and Chabacano, 7-Year-Old horses.

Young Horses Seven Year old Champion Chabacon ridden by Andrés Torres (San Luis Potosí), Reserve Zinacantan ridden by Nikolaj Hein (Mexico City) Novice Horses first year Champion Juan Pablo Gaspar (Guadalajara), Reserve Karime Perez (Guadalajara) Novice Horses Second year Champion Celeste Ankier (Querétaro), Reserve Hécotr Ortiz (Querétaro) Cat C 1.30m Champion Alfredo Ramirez (Mexico City) Reserve Alejandro Potes (Monterrey) Amateur 1.35m Champion Sandra M. Franco with Quin Chin (Querétaro), Reserve Francisco J. Pasquel with Alamo (Mexico City).

© : Juan I. Pacheco, Medium Amateur Owner Champion Juan I. Pacheco, Medium Amateur Owner Champion

Amateur 1.25m Champion Juan I. Pacheco with Botua La Campana (Mexico City), Reserve Daniela R. Anguiano with Querlota du Ry (Mexico state).

Amateur 1.20m. Champion Constanza Guerra with Chacentus (Guadalajara), Reserve Lucie Campech with Toruk San Lorenzo (Mexico City)


© : Constanza and Mauricio Guerra. Low Amateur Champion
Constanza and Mauricio Guerra. Low Amateur Champion.


Junior A Champion and Rerserve Yago Álvarez del Castillo with Puertas Cororedo and Puertas Dardo (Guadalajara)

Junior B Champion Karime Pérez with Gama Cocu (Guadalajara) Reserve Sonia Y. Avila with Akri (Querétaro) 

© : Martina Franco Children Champion with trainer Mauricio Guerra.Martina Franco, Children Champion with trainer Mauricio Guerra.

Children A Champion Martina Franco with Zenith (Guadalajara), Reserve Franco A. Gama with Caribe El Fresno del (Mexico City)

Children B Champion Maya Inés Denis with Santa Rosa Sixtina (Mexico City), Reserve Sonia Alondra Rempel with Isso

Pre Children Champion Octavio Defín with Busquets (Verácruz), Reserve Alondra A. Orgega with Naipe Andaluza (Mexico City)

Mini Children Champion Zulma A. Garcia with Quidama’s Jewel (Guadalajara), Reserve Daniela Estrada with Camila (Cuernavaca.

Intermedia 25 and older Champion and Reserve Víctor Herrera Prats with Rosalía and Clatos 2 (Mexico City)

Intermedia under 25 Champion Eduardo Vega with Tatiana (Querétaro), Reserve Bárbara López with Gondor (Mexico State).

Preliminar 25 and older Champion Sofía Gómez with Muranita (Mexico City). Reserve María E Sosa with Zincky Z (Monterrey)

Preliminar under 25 Champion Lucía Villanueva with Dreamboy (Querétaro), Reserve Jerónimo Mills with Chintano Z (Mexico City).

Preliminar M Champion and Reserve Héctor de la Garza with Helena and Splendid (Mexico City)

Cat. D Champion Julieta Venado with Armonía (Mexico State), Reserve Jimena Perez with Gitana (Cancun)

Debutantes 25 and older Champion and Reserve María Paula Díaz with Meteoro and Monex (Guadalajara)

Debutantes under 25 Champion María Fernanda Martínez with Mougli (Querétaro), Reserve Martina Calvo with Gallo de oro (Morelia).

 © : Karime Perez

© : Mary Pau Diaz

© : Francisco Pasquel

© : Antonio Chedraui

© : Manuel Alvarez

© : JP Gaspar A

© : Paella

© : Maestro Alctntara

© : Kevin and Daniel Rihan

 © : Daniel Rihan G

© : Daniel Pedraza Littlewood

© : ET with Alberto Posada and Gerardo Tazzer

© : talabrteria

© : Greta Matienzo

© : Pilar Botas, Georgina and Pamela Guash

© : Los Chedraui with Norman Dello Joio

© : Anderson Lima

© : Nicolas Pizarro

© : JP Gaspar

© : Hector Ortiz

© : Andres Arrozarena


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