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Eduardo Tame
August 31, 2015
Eduardo Tame - Mexico's Pan Am Appearance
By Eduardo Tame
Monday, August 31, 2015 :: Posted 04:20:04 PM EDT

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As expected the Mexican participation at the Pan-American Games in Toronto in jumping was the worst in the story of the Pan-American Games.  The Team was selected in only two competitions at Spruce Meadows, just a couple days from the arrival to Canada after a very long trip from Mexico traveling 2300 miles and spending several days at the quarantine facility at the US border.  There is a big discussion about the Trials.  The Mexican Equestrian Federation think that this is the way to select a Team for a Championship, while some people like

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Alfonso Romo from La Silla thinks the Trials is not the best way to get a Team. As a matter of fact every time less countries are selecting teams for Championships with trials. Romo’s suggestion is to get a Chef D’Equippe/Trainer in a five years basis looking for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, as Río is out for any Mexican rider now. It is going to be the first time since 1960 that Mexico is not going to be present in the Summer Games, this has not happen 65 years, and has to be taken into account for serious changes in the way the Mexican Team is selected. It was not the only the worst representation of Mexico at any Pan-Am Games but also last year it was the worst representation of a Mexican Team at the Caribbean and Central American Games. Something is wrong and has to be fixed immediately.

© : Jaime Azcárraga
Jaime Azcárraga

At the same time, the same day that Mexico was struggling in Toronto three Mexican riders were getting ribbons in 1.60m classes in Europe: Alberto Michan in La Coruña, Jaime Azcárraga at the GCT in London and Santiago Lambre. This three riders were not part of the Pan-American Team for different reasons. What a difference would it be if the Team were selected in a different form?

 Just this past weekend the three of them were participating at the CSI 4* in St Morritz in Switzerland, and the three of them got several ribbons in the 1.50m class.

© : Alberto Michan
Alberto Michan
Ironically Mexico classified to the Nation’s Cup Final in Barcelona.  And I said ironically as Canada, winner at the Pan-American Games, was sidelined by the Mexican participation at the CSIO Xalapa, and with the cancelation of the CSIO in Canada they could not recuperate, while last year they were the best in the same CSIO as well as in Toronto this summer..   The Team at Barcelona will be very different from the one in Toronto, five riders have been nominated: Alberto Michan, Santiago Lambre, Eugenio Garza, Federico Fernández and Nicolás Pizarro.  Only Fernández was part of the Toronto team.   I guess and hope it will be a very different story this time.  Let’s see.

© : Santiago Lambre
Santiago Lambre
© : Eugenio Garza
Eugenio Garza
© : Federico Fernández
Federico Fernández
© : Nicolás Pizarro
Nicolás Pizarro

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