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Frank Waters
May 16, 2014
Frank Waters: Announcing Around the World
By Frank Waters
Friday, May 16, 2014 :: Posted 07:33:12 PM EDT

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Sunday, May 18, 2014 - Final Day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival 

It was a perfect day for the close of the 2014 Fieldstone Spring Festival at Scott Clawson’s incredible Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, Massachusetts.  A little on the cool side, however, not a cloud in the sky and three rings of Hunters and Equitation to bring the final day to a wonderful finish.  We had three Hunter/Equitation rings and a Jumper Ring going none stop from 8:00 a.m. and it was obvious from the start that each of the many riders competing throughout the four arena’s wanted to take home the Blue Ribbons.

Great competition and some of the best horses and ponies in New England came out to compete in many classes of Equitation and Hunters.  From seven and eight year old children to the over thirty fives, it was a super day of tough competition with every one determined to take home the first prize.  We had several classics throughout the day starting in Ring One, then we opened up Ring Two and finally all of the ponies of which there were many competed from about 8:15 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evening.

The competition was intense throughout the day and many riders were happy with the results and the show.  We had lots of fun and some laughs as I tried to make all of the children today feel like winners.

We have some wonderful photographs taken by Jess Windhurst for Anne Gittens photography, the official photographer of Fieldstone.  These include the Bit of Straw Classic and coming out on top was Formal Affair with a close second coming from Coco Chanel.  The children's classic winner was Papillion Blue with a close second coming from Pentimento Bay.

A super close to the Fieldstone Spring Festival and our thanks to Scott Clawson for hosting this super show and for his committee of judges, stewards and course designers from around the country and Canada. I would like to thank an amazing judges panel who saw many rides throughout the three days and they all did an excellent job with some great competition from some of the nicest riders and horses in New England.

Mr. Bucky Reynolds and his lovely wife Linda from Virginia.
Ms. Meg Black from Maine.
Mr. Irving Evans from New Hampshire.
Mr. Fred Hunt from Maine.
Mr. Jay Mullens - Jumper Judge from Massachusetts.

Our course designers - Mr. Danny Foster from Canada and Tom Hern from Massachusetts.
The USEF Stewards - Ms. Cindy Dougherty from New Hampshire and Ms. Andi Hendgen from Massachusetts.
And of course, our competition Managers, Mr. Scott Clawson from Halifax, Massachusetts and Mr. Michale Belisle from Wellington, Florida.

Everyone left happy and from what I heard, a lot of fun was had by all and they look forward very much to joining us back at Fieldstone for more incredible Hunter/Jumper shows throughout the 2014 show season.

The next major event at Fieldstone Show Park will be from June 18th through 22nd for the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Spectacular with five days of incredible competition in New England.  This always proves to be one of the highlights of the New England Hunter/Jumper circuit and will start off on Wednesday and finish with the $25,000.00 Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon.  Scott Clawson and the entire staff look forward very much to welcoming you all to this incredible facility with all new footing in June.

Photo Gallery:


© Anne Gittins: miles and papillon blue
© Anne Gittins: lyla and formal affair 
© Anne Gittins: lyla and formal affair pictured on sangria 
© Anne Gittins: lila and pentimento bay 
© Anne Gittins: Second Place - Bit O Straw 


Saturday, May 17, 2014 - Second Day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival

© Anne Gittins: ava and blackout
Ava Stearns with Cyrus Taraporevala’s Blackout

The ponies came out in force today for the Pony Hunter Classic in the Grand Prix arena and we got under way at 10:00 a.m.  It had rained heavy all night, hence the later start, however, the conditions could not have been more perfect and the beautiful grass arena looked stunning.  We had the usual warm up followed by an intense competition with all of these super young riders coming from Massachusetts. 

We started off with the two smalls followed by the five mediums and finished with the four larges.  After the first round Ava Stearns was leading on Cyrus Taraporevala’s Blackout with a score of 84 and most of the scores in this round continued in the 70’s, only Ava held the 80’s score until the end of the first Classic round.

Ava returned and bettered her first round score finishing the second round with an 85 and came out the winner with a combined score of 169.  In second place closely behind with a score of 162 was Tess Lenihan riding Sophie Lenihan’s Honor Roll from Hingham, MA.



© Anne Gittins: ava and blackout
Ava Stearns with Blackout
© Anne Gittins: Tess and honor roll 
Tess Lenihan and Honor Roll

Here are the results of the Pony Hunter Classic:

1st    Ava Stearns with Cyrus Taraporevala’s Blackout.
2nd   Honor Roll ridden by Tess Lenihan for Sophie Lenihan
3rd   Ava Stearns riding Linda Evans Dreamland from South Hadley, MA.
4th   Skyler Fields owner/rider of Silly Putty out of Canton, MA.
5th   Silver Star Mona Lisa and Madeline A. Ahern Owner/Rider - Stoughton, MA.
6th   Magical Diamond for the Born Free Farm, LLC ridden by Anna Richardson out of Dover, MA.
7th   Ava Stearns Sugarbrook Pink-N-Blue for Madison Mitchell from Clarkston, MI.
8th   Sambuca owned by Mackenzie Hirsch and ridden by Sophia Comi

The afternoon got under way with a very exciting Children’s/Am Adult Hunter Derby with twenty starters of a really nice course built by Danny Foster from Canada and judged by Lynda Reynolds out of Virginia.  We had lots of fun with this class and the younger riders had many laughs as I teased them when they came out on course, their parents loved every minute of this class and we all enjoyed the fun.

In the first round, the competition was brilliant with at least four of those riders receiving scores of 80 and more.  The top twelve came back for the Handy and with bonus points the standard of riding was excellent over a challenging course and only one combination of horse and rider received a score in the Handy round over eighty, the eventual winner, Sarah Kieran riding Piano Man out of Darien, CT.



© Anne Gittins: sarah and piano man
Sarah Kieran and Piano Man

Here are the results of the Children’s/Am Adult Hunter Derby.

1st    Piano Man with owner/rider Sarah Kieran from Darien, CT.
2nd   Navigator owned by Amanda Cohen from Goshen, Ohio and ridden by Lily Toensing.
3rd   Sir Galahad owned by Chris Lebo and riden by Chris from Portsmouth, R.I.  the only male in the class.
4th   Barnaby D  ridden by Cady Z. Bickford for Thinks Like a Horse out of Morrison, FL.
5th   Quanah from Darien, CT. owned and ridden by Molly Klein
6th   Cortez ridden by Cady Z. Bickford for Katie Grat from Colchester, VT.
7th   Bell Captain owned by Hannah Piersiak out of Needham, MA., and ridden by Phoebe Donofrio-Ralls.
8th   Mary B. McGee’s Mentimento Bay ridden by Lila Quellette from Pembroke, MA.
9th   Owner/Rider Laila M. Haddad from Charlestown, MA. and Formal Affair.
10th Barnabas ridden by Jacqueline L. Lampert for Nicole Frankenfield from New Canaan, CT.
11th Top Notch - Owner/Rider Malena Lopez-Mora from Middletown, R.I.
12th Camden ridden by Margaret Valenti for Equus Show Horses, LLC from Pittstown, N.J.



© Anne Gittins: lily and navigator
 Lily Toensing and Navigator

In the afternoon, the weather was absolutely perfect with clear blue skies, temperatures around 70 degrees and closing the day out with beautiful bright sunshine for the Fieldstone Spring Festival. Tomorrow, Sunday is the final day and the weather man has promised a beautiful day here in Massachusetts to close out a super three days of competition.


Friday, May 16, 2014 - Day One of the Fieldstone Spring Festival

© Anne Gittins: Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black Presentation
Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black - Winners of the USHJA 3'3" National Hunter Derby
Halifax, MA - May 16, 2014 - The Fieldstone Spring Festival got under way today in Halifax, Massachusetts under a sharp cool wind and blustery skies.  In the Grand Prix Arena it was Hunter Derby day and we had two super competitions with the warm ups before each class.  The first of the day was the Open 2’9” Hunter Derby with 28 starters and our judge Mr. Bucky Reynolds was impressed with the standard of riding and some very special New England horses.  They came from most of the New England States including Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and of course, the Fieldstone home state of Massachusetts.

In the first round we had some impressive scores with the top 12 coming in as high as 87 with the twelfth horse and rider having a 72.5.  We still had four combinations scoring down to a 70 so pretty impressive for the start of the season.  

The top 12 came back for the Handy in reverse order and we did not know right until the end who would take the top prize.  Sarah C. Tyndall was the last to ride bringing back an 87 from her first round and she did not disappoint scoring an 88 in her Handy giving her an overall total of 175 for the win.
© Anne Gittins: Sarah Tyndall and Sir Thomas
Sarah Tyndall and Sir Thomas
© Anne Gittins: Rebecca Clawson and Freeport 
Rebecca Clawson and Freeport
Here are the final results:

1st    Sir Thomas owned by Caroline Kuldell from Newton, MA. and ridden by Sarah Tyndall = 175
2nd   Freeport and and ridden by Rebecca Clawson from Plympton, MA.
3rd   Essential ridden by Joyce B. Mersereau for Monica D. Hunt from Haverhill, MA
4th   Watch Hill owned and ridden by Susan M. Amelotte from Providence, R.I.
5th   Camden ridden by Lisa M. Beffert for Equus Show Horses, LLC from Pittstown, N.J.
6th   Pocage Marblesein ridden by Emily Hill for Rebecca McGoldrick
7th   Whisper Low ridden by Rachel Harris for Nora Harris from Tiverton, R.I.
8th   Do I Dare with Patricia Moss for Natalie Meyer
9th   Say When owned and ridden by Katy Baldini from Concord, MA.
10th Three Wishes owned and ridden by Samantha Noonan from Oxford, MA.
11th Sangria - Sarah C. Tyndall for Patricia Moss from Wilmington, MA.
12th Cosa Nastra owned and ridden by Merle Beach riding out of Vergennes, VT.

At 2:15 we got under way with the Open 3’3” Hunter Derby with a smaller division of 13 starters and eleven horses and riders from Massachusetts to Florida came back for the Handy.  It was a very competive class with some wonderful combinations of horses and riders all riding for the first prize.  It was definitely Sarah Tyndall’s day as she once again held the lead this time riding Jack Black for Kimberly A. Kolloff from Stow, MA.

After the Handy round, these are the results for the 3’3”” Hunter Derby closing out the Grand Prix Arena for the first day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival.
© Anne Gittins: Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black
 Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black
© Anne Gittins: Katie Eppinger and KEC Felix 
Katie Eppinger and KEC Felix

1st     Jack Black ridden by Sarah C. Tyndall for Kimberly A. Kolloff from Stow, MA.
2nd    Kec Felix owned and ridden by Katie E. Eppinger from Grafton, MA.
3rd    Elsium shown by Blue Ribbon Equine and ridden by Danielle Franchi
4th    City Boy for the Banner Farm out of Dover, MA. and ridden by Mariel Saccucci
5th    Barnbi ridden by Rebecca Clawson for Thinks Like a Horse from Morrison, FL.
6th    Carakter owned and ridden by Adelaide Toensing from Charlotte, VT.
7th    Clinton’s Bot ridden by Lisa M. Beffert for Kristen M. Costanzo out of Stamford, CT.
8th    Claudio Jill S. Curtis riding for Monty Kelly from West Sandlake, New York.
9th    Quito owned by Thinks Like a Horse and ridden by MaryBeth McGee
10th  Pic A Bello Star Z owned and ridden by Elyn Fritz
11th  Rain King owned and ridden by Nora R. Keefe from Dover, MA.

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